3 Interactive Stories In Which You Scroll Down

Through scrolling the user can start a lot of animations and processes which turn a simple story into a deeper journey. Surprises are always a good resource to keep people’s attention on you are showing. You also must remember that you only have 15 seconds to engage them.

Journalist and lecturer Jeremy Rue usually shares interesting links on interactivity using Delicious -you can follow his queue here-. I have picked up three samples which show the importance of scrolling inside the story.


CLICK HERE TO WATCH: Waiting for the sea

Waiting for the sea (BBC, 2015)

Users discover new multimedia contents each time they scroll down. The author, Rustam Qobil, finds harmony using pictures, text, video and maps. Everything here is linked toguether.

I really like how the maps reveal the grass drying up, and the sea’s edge disappearing.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH: America: Elect!


America: Elect! (The Guardian, 2012)

I admit I love cartoons and comic books. But going further, I see a lot of opportunities using such narrative in journalism.

In this case, the story combines animations, infografics and a bit of humour as well, telling a story from the beginning (Republican Party presidential primaries, won by Mitt Romney) till the end (Obama’s 2012 US election victory).

The Guardian United States interactive team have produced a lot of great news packages –you can follow them here-.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH: A Walk Through the Gallery


A Walk Through the Gallery (The New York Times, 2015)

You can take a walk at the Museum of Modern Art in New York to visit an exhibition of Henri Matisse. You see the paintings like a real visitor, moving across the gallery horizontally.

Although this idea looks very simple, I believe that it could be used not only to show exhibitions or places, but also to describe processes and evolutions.