Video interview: “I would hesitate to compete with YouTubers”, says Creative Director of Lemonade Money

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What makes a video ‘viral’? Lemonade Money (LM) Creative Director Faraz Osman thinks that “no one has the right answer but there are aspects which may influence it”. He says:

“Now even our friends and relatives can influence us through social networks to watch a video.”

Osman has worked for the BBC, ITV or Channel 4. Since May 2013, his role at LM has consisted in developing existing and new relationships with broadcast and online partners and carrying out business growth management.

Currently, the concept of online TV production is close to YouTube‘s channels. This recent phenomenon is growing in the UK, reaching millions of visits day by day.

YouTubers are building a community

Osman, who visited Birmingham City University last Thursday 6th November, says:

What YouTubers seem to be doing is that they are having a relationship with their audiences. They are building a community of other people who are also doing other videos.

“They all are part of the family, and the audiences come to be part of it.

“I guess that a lot of their success is because they are authentic. People can see themselves in these videos.

“I would hesitate to compete with them, because they have their own language and their own audience.”

“The reason of some YouTubers’ success does not reside on what they are saying.

“Sometimes they are good-looking and people fancy them simply.

“It is like some famous pop bands who are not necessarily the most musically talented.”

Do not forget you are not a teenager when you are producing content for them

LM Creative Director has been very close to young public during his career. Osman says:

“When you have constrains, as what is safe for children or what is appropriate for them, you have better ideas.

“The challenge consists in remembering that you are not a child. You are making content for young people, not for yourself.”

New trends, directors, LED panels and more

As Osman says, his company is “always on the hunt for new ways of filming, as using LED panels, new directors or cameras as well.”

Offline TV against online TV: different behaviours

Osman says that “people want to watch the best quality content when they are in the living room. However, people are a bit more curious at the online TV because it does not require your attention for a long time.”

Why Lemonade Money is so successful?

Osman defines himself as “generic nerd“, however, this “generic” man is now selling content to giants as Channel 4, Vevo or MTV. According to Lemonade Money’s current success, he says:

“We try to figure out what makes us interesting. We made ourselves experts in new culture, music and being exciting about what young British people are doing.”

You can follow Faraz Osman on Twitter (@farazosman) and also Lemonade Money (@lemonademoney)