Measuring audience’s knowledge through surveys

Although nowadays everybody have an easy access to breaking news, speaking about news knowledge is a completely different thing. Trying to understand our crowd is something basic to know what kind of ways we have to chooseCaptura de pantalla 2014-10-05 a la(s) 16.57.29 during our day by day. The Pew Research Center (PRC), as a very useful source, lets us to know the ultimate trends of the info-comsuption.

Last week, in order to know the Public’s News IQ, they asked to 1,002 adults, 18 years of age or older, who are living in the continental United States. The questions were about national and international most covered issues at that moment. (You can do the survey here!)

Depending on their education level, the survey results show how college graduates know more about the news (average of 6.8 questions correct) than high school graduates (3.7). Furthermore, it seems that republican voters are more informed than democrats (58% vs. 42%).

Related to this report, neither journalist and communicator can forget the importance of knowing public behaviour and the different ways of consuming information. 

PRC is constantly publishing interesting polls and studies about public preferences, like these:

Though an specific audience is not too big (e.g. twitter followers), asking them could be a good research. There are many free tools which lets you to do this: