Why chinese social network Weibo “is not for Western people”

(Posted on BirminghamEastside.com)

1. Weibo is a hybrid between Twitter and Facebook

Weibo has the same maximum number of characters allowed per publication as Twitter: 140. But in the Chinese language you can make a word with three characters.

For James Robinson, the difference with other Western social networks does not reside on the langugage:

“Weibo is more about functionality. It offers a lot more in terms of multimedia. There is a lot of content into a only ‘tweet’: video, images… Weibo can not work in Europe.

The way the Chinese people absorb information is very different to the people’s behaviour in the West, where they love the simplicity. Chinese people like having a lot of information in the same land page.”

2. Mobile is the most popular device among Weibo users

Weibo revealed in June that 70% of total daily users access to it through a mobile device. For the company, the mobile version is not only a web’s extension: it is the opposite.

“We launch new services on mobile version, firstly”, Chief Executive Wang Gaofei says. James Robinson’s company, Ping Pong digital, optimises all their contents for mobile devices.

3. If your company wants to communicate in China; it must be aware of censorship

The latest ‘Umbrella Revolution’ revealed again the well-known censorship in Weibo. University of Honk Kong’s report says that 15 of every 1,000 posts on Weibo were being censored during these jimmytwitterdemonstrations. James Robinson says:

“Last month, the word ‘today’ was banned. Imagine you can not use it. Companies must be aware of these things. Therefore, it is necessary to create a different marketing, according to these circumstances.”